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How To Opera

Opera can be diffucult to understand. Especially for young people it seems not very attractive sit five hours in a theatre. »How To Opera« helps to get in touch with this art form. With easy explanatations of opera stories and simple »How Tos« this website makes it easier to get an approach to this huge culture treasure.

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Grimme Online Award Nominierung 2017

TEDxMünster-Speaker 2017


Todays music enjoyment mostly consists of clicking through lists. In »MagTracks« every song has an own triangle-visualization. The color shows the genre, the length stands for the playtime and the hearing frequency is shown with its transparency. It is also possible to create search poles. If a song matches to it, it will position itself near the search pole.

@ HfK Bremen / supervised by Prof. Tanja Diezmann
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* ADC-Festival 2013
* Out of the Box @ Wilhelm Wagenfeld Haus
* HfK Hochschultage 2013
#concept #interactiondesign


Ever thought about using a computer without the desktop metapher? I did at my bachelor thesis. In »LineUp« metadata become visual metashapes, which are organized in timelines. You can easily compare data, create a large number of versions without getting lost in them and link different data without rearranging them. Which friends have access to which data? All these informations can be easily seen with »LineUp«.

@ HfK Bremen / supervised by Prof. Tanja Diezmann
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* Jahresausstellung 2015 HfK Bremen
#bachelor #concept #interactiondesign

The digital Thumb

How does digital reading changes our body? While reading on a smartphone, the thumb mostly navigates through the text. Is the thumb made for this? In this little booklet, the evolution of the thumb will be analyzed. Afterwards the reader gets to know the movements of the thumb and can try them out on a relief. These informations are then combined with the actual thumb usage on a smartphone. We learn: Use your finger wisely.

@ HfK Bremen / supervised by Till Gathmann
#typography #illustration #research

Deceptive Illusion

According to a german report on poverty 330,000 people are homeless in Germany. They live and move in the same places as the general public but are nevertheless invisible. Supposed piles of waste are silent witnesses of a society that coexists with ours.

@ HfK Bremen / supervised by Andreas Herzau
* Out of the Box @ Wilhelm Wagenfeld Haus
* HfK Hochschultage 2013


What happens with the data we lose all day long? If you pay with credit card, drive on a highway or write a postcard. Everything is tracked. And then? No one really knows. If you order something online at »Company A« and get some days later advertising from »Company B«, you see that your data wandered. So I researched which companys cooperate with each other. These informations created a big network that shows how data could wander. Nearly everything is interconnected.

@ HfK Bremen / supervised by Prof. Tanja Diezmann
* HfK Hochschultage
#research #digitalmedia


How a sugar made lampshade creates a message against climate change. »Iluliaq« is West Greenlandic and means iceberg. Not only visually the lampshade should remind of an iceberg: As a light bulb generates heat, the sugar of the lampshade will slowly melt. This reminds the user of the melting icebergs and to only use as much light as necessary.

@ HfK Bremen / supervised by Martina Eberle


The »Zeitschrift der Straße« is the first local magazine, that is distributed by homeless people in Bremen and Bremerhaven. Each issue takes a closer look to a special part of these cities. I interviewd Mrs Lauruschkat, who sells seldom vegatables and herbs. She offers seeds for 60 kinds of mint and 150 kinds of cocktail tomatoes.

@ HfK Bremen / supervised by Armin Simon
> Website Zeitschrift der Straße
> Website Lauruschkat – Garten der Vielfalt
* HfK Hochschultage


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B. A. »Integrated Design«
@ Hochschule für Künste Bremen


* TEDxMünster 2017 Speaker
* Grimme Online Award 2017 Nomination
* University of Bremen Guest Lecture Music Didactics WS 17/18
* Instagram Takeover @meinbremen

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